In collaboration with  René Beaupoil Graphique

Our services include:

Complete design and realization of your website
Solid Internet experience
Explanations in plain language
Personalized approach, adapted to your needs

Expertise in
  • dynamic HTML
  • Javascript
  • database
  • Active Server Pages
  • Active X
  • and more
Design and realization of
  • 2D graphics
  • 3D graphics
  • animations
Optimization of graphics and animations
Professional software for every step of the development of your site

Search-engine compatible design
Efficient inscription to search-engines
Link exchanges

Text editing and proofreading
Adaptation of contents for the special requirements of a website
Translations English - French - German for international visibility

In the Cowansville / Sutton area (Eastern Townships):
Internet and computer training, adapted to your needs, at your office, in English or French
Setting up of your Internet access, including contact with server, software installation and configuration, eventual training

Have a look at our last creations:
This B & B offers a magical atmosphere in a fantastic setting, culinary delights and comfort that, in spite of the name, has not been conceived by medieval knights.
<A HREF= "http://www.chevaliermontecho.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="../pics/chevpic.gif" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=112 BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF= "http://www.apcor.ca" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="../pics/acalogo.gif" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=107 BORDER=0></A>
The appalachian corridor,
a natural treasure to protect!
Top scientific research in a simple and attractive presentation.
Arescon ltd
<A HREF= "http://www.poissonnerievanha.qc.ca" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="../pics/fischgr.gif" WIDTH=245 HEIGHT=90 BORDER=0></A>
Visit the fabulous underwater world
of Vanha's Fishmarket!
The Auberge Altitude - experience complete comfort with direct access to the slopes of Mount Sutton (Site renovation).
<A HREF= "http://www.aubergealtitude.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="../pics/altitude.gif" WIDTH=68 HEIGHT=70 BORDER=0></A>
Rolfing in Québec
Rolfing restructures the human body through deep, connective tissue manipulation and movement education for better posture, balance and ease of movement.
Organic maple products, online ordering. Too bad we can't transfer smells and flavors...
<IMG SRC="../pics/dewinter.jpg" WIDTH=120 HEIGHT=75 BORDER=0 alt="Maplery de Winter">
<IMG SRC="../pics/charp.gif" WIDTH=120 HEIGHT=95 BORDER=0 alt="Charpenterie Roger Codaire">
Timber frame homes were and are built to outlast generations. Savour this warm, welcoming atmosphere!
Realtors "Les immeubles Dynamiques" and reservation center "Accomodation Sutton" have found a common roof to their liking!
Realtors Immeubles Dynamiques and Accomodation Sutton